The old woman decided to adopt the oldest cat in the shelter. The best duo ever


If you think, that finding your favorite pet is difficult, you are probably wrong. People sometimes are looking for their favorite animals in the shelter. They think it is difficult.

However, for this old woman that decision was not that much difficult. She exactly knew what she wanted as she arrived in the shelter. She clearly mentioned to the shelter workers that she wanted to take home the oldest cat in the shelter.

The staff employees were sure, that this old cat would never be adopted by anyone because of her age. However, to their great surprise, the kitten was adopted.

Her new mom, Ms Jackson, who was already 100 year old was the most caring and attentive owner ever. She exactly knew how to treat the cat and she needed. She was sure, that this cat would be her best friend in her last years of living.

The cat and the Ms. Jackson are very happy now together. They made a perfect due and everyone is just excited and admired seeing them.

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