The new owners rescued the doggie from the ruthless owner and his transformation is just amazing


Dogs are sometimes subjected to so much abusive and inhumane treatment by humans, we cannot count. We have to say that doggies also suffer mental health issues and it is really very hard for them change their lives.

On May, 2018, the volunteers of one of the dog shelter rescued a number of tortured animals from the abusive owners. They were unrecognizable. One of the doggies, who was named Jackie was among the tortured dogs.

It was clear, that he was unrecognizable from his previous face. The dog was taken to the vet and underwent to several surgeries and necessary treatments.

After that, he was taken back to shelter, where he was under the control of the workers. It is always like that: when someone goes through a lot of hardship, the end will always be good for them.

Immediately after that, he was also adopted to a good family, where he was treated amazingly. The new owner showered the doggie in love and care, which was the best gift the doggie could ever get.

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