The Homeless Dog Found a Stray Cat in the Street Nursed Her and Saved Her Life


On a Monday morning, a call was received to the animal protection center saying that in the nearby street, a dog was noticed to be barking and screaming as if he was trying to take someone’s attention.

One of the officer went to the place to find out what was going on. As he arrived the place, he saw something absolutely shocking. This is what he saw.

Right at the place, a doggie was nursing a small kitten. It was both cute and shocking for him. He understood, that he could not leave them alive.

After calling the rescue team, the dog and the cat was brought to shelter, where they were provided with all the necessary treatments. They were given food and water.

However, after that the dog was still very attentive towards the kitten, as if it was his baby. Everyone in the shelter were shocked and everyone were in love with this amazing duo.

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