The fashionista girl and his doggie are now worldwide famous duo


It is of no surprise how amazing the duo of a dog and a baby could look like. Everyday we come across to stories about the friendship of people and doggies.

However, this story is also unique and needs a good reading. This chique duo were all the time noticed in the street near the park walking together and enjoying each other’s company.

When the baby girl was born, her parent decided to presented an amazing gift for the girl and bought a doggie for her. As the time passed, they grew up together and now they spend the best time with each other.

The baby girl is seen in fashionable and beautiful clothes and the doggie is escorting her everywhere she goes.

Everytime they go outside, they spread a huge wave of positive energy and love atmosphere. The family members also say, that they share deeper connection and love towards each other.

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