After Rescuing the Dog, the Police Officer Decided to Adopted Him


Dogs are amazing animals and can have a place in everyone’s heart, they just need to be seen one time and they steal the hearts of everyone.

Policeman James Adams was walking and watching the are of the park. This is his official duty and he does it on regular basis. One day as he was into his job in the park he noticed a doggie.

The dog was laying down under a tree. It was obvious, that he was super hungry and thirsty. It was clear that he was in a great need of food and water.

As the policeman approached him, he looked at him with such eyes, that he stole the heart of the policeman. He went to a shop and bought food and water for the doggie.

After he left the area, he felt that he wanted to see him again. And after two weeks he decided to adopt the doggie and take him home.

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