After One Year The Owner Found His Lovely Puppy and Cried when the Doggie Recognized him


John Adams was an animal lover. Some ten years ago, he adopted a doggie and kept him at his place. They had so much deep connection and bonding together. John was really in love with his amazing doggie.

John used to take care of the dog a lot. He was taking doggie with him to wherever he was going. One day he decided to go countryside and took the doggie with him. They were having a perfect time together.

However, after some time, John noticed that the doggie was missing. He watched everywhere, but could not find the doggie. He searched the doggie everywhere with no result.

As they years passed, he lost his hope and gave up. One day, John received a call from the central rescue department. They said, that a dog similar to John’s dog was taken to shelter, who had a sign in his ear.

John immediately rushed to the shelter and recognized his beloved doggie. The dog also recognized his previous owner and they both were in tear finally having found each other.

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