Watch the Poor Stray Doggie Sleeping on the Should of the Man, who Rescued Him


Everyday we read so many interesting stories about the dog stories and also about rescuing them. If you have a soft and pure heart this heartwarming story is just for yourself.

One day Kenon James was walking on the street to pay a visit to his brother two blocks away. As he was out in the street, he noticed a stray dog laying on the ground. He could read in his eyes, that he had been deprived of food and water.

He had so much compassion in his heart, he decided to buy some food for the doggie. After some time, he decided to take the doggie to his place. When they were in the car, the man was so overwhelmed by one of the gestures of the dog.

The dog was so tired, he landed his head on the shoulder of his new owner and it felt so great to him. Kenon was really touched by this thing fell in love with the doggie so much.

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