The Unusual Appearance of the Doggie Made Him Stand Out From the Others


As we observe the lives of humans and animals we find so many similarities and between them. Very often people are being discriminated for their appearance.

In life people face difficulties and injustice because of their appearance. The same was with this doggie. His life tragically changed, when a car heavily hit him.

After the accident, the doggie underwent a lot of facial operations, however, the doctors could not restore his previous facial appearance. He was taken to shelter, where he was kept for more than ten months.

No one wanted to adopt and take him home because his face distorted and he looked kind of «ugly» He suffered a lot until one day a man came to shelter and decided to take the doggie home.

This time, the appearance of the dog worked in favor of him, since the man especially loved the doggie for these features, because it made the doggie look different from all the other dogs in shelter.

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