Don’s Miss the Chance to See the Shelter Dog Covered in Scars Getting the Real First Hug


Meet our today’s hero named Lucan. This poor animal have been living in shelter almost most of his life. He was brought to shelter by a family, who did not want to keep him anymore because of his facial scars.

Because of his scars, the dog too was not feeling good. His eyes were seeking only for affection and compassion. All he wanted just a hug.

A woman who wanted to adopted a dog went one day to shelter and immediately noticed his sad eyes. She hugged the doggie so tight, that the dog started crying and could not stop it. They were both in tears and so emotional.

After this incident the woman gave an interview one of the dogs magazines saying: «When i looked deep into the eyes of the doggie, I understood immediately, that his life had been a hell, from where he could find no way out. But at the same time, he had soft and warm heart, which made me adopt him».

As she said later, it was one of the most emotional days in her life and the dog with the scars changed gus life for the better.

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