The Brave Doggie who was Abandoned by the Owner is Now Working at Police


Everyday we come across to interesting and heartwarming stories about dogs and their lives which both make us happy and sad. Our today’s story hero is the doggie who was abandoned by the previous owner.

The owner was moving to a new apartment and he could not take the dog with him so he took him to shelter. One day a man went to the shelter to adopt a doggie. He was policeman, but he wanted the dog to take home. He like Alex the doggie so much he immediately decided to take him home.

He had a good eye and immediately understood that it was a very strong and well prepared dog. He took the doggie to the police station and asked them to train the doggie with special trainings.

After some months of training, the doggie was ready to be adopted to work along other service dogs. He was very dog at job and everyone was noticing his good qualities. We never know where life takes us at different stages of our lives.

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