Watch the Doggie Falling in Love with the Adorable Newborn Kitten


We all know about the relationship of the dogs and the cats. They are known as the «worst enemies» always trying to prove each other who is the best.

However, our today’s story is to prove you wrong. This amazing duo were captured on camera while playing and enjoying each other’s company.

The dog was totally in love with the newborn kitten, who was so small and cute. Everyone in the family was admiring the little kitten. She was one of the most adorable things that happened to the family of Johnsons.

The family members were really admiring how the dog was treating the kitten with full responsibility and care. Sometimes, they were even thinking that the doggie was her mom.

And it was obvious, that the kitten was enjoying the company of her best friends and caretaker. She was living under a complete pure and loving atmosphere. The cat especially loved the moment, when the doggie hugs her in his arm and they nap together.

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