Watch the Brave Dog Dog Saving His Owner


Everyday we come across to different stories about the heroic and brave attitude of the dogs, when it comes to saving or helping other people or those in need.

This time we present the story of the dog who saved the life of his owner. It was one of the most remarkable and heroic acts, that ever happened.

The dog and his owner were on the road, passing the street. Right at the moment a motorcyclist was crossing the street. The dog noticed him long before and did what it needed to do.

He heroically threw himself in front of the motorcycle, so that it did not hit his owner. It hit the dog heavily and he fell to the ground. He was in a very bad condition. However, he did not give up.

As the emergency came and checked the doggie, they said that the doggie was all fine and that he had not serious injures. This heroic act of the doggie was simply amazing. Everyone gathered near the place to see what happened.

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