The Cat was Called Ugly and No One Wanted to Take Her


In the world of animals, there are cases when the animals are being discriminated for their appearance. We should know that these kind of issues exist not only among people but also among animals.

This little kitten was put down so many times for the reason of her appearance. She was born like that and doctors said that they could do nothing to change it.

That was a very big burden for the kitten. All her life she was living in the shelter, but no one would ever want to adopt her as a cat to take home. It was a very heartbreaking moment in her life. All the time she was alone and no one would be making friends with her.

However, we should never forget, that people, who do not judge by appearance also exist. One of these kinds of man came to shelter. And the appearance of the cat seemed very interesting for him. So he immediately decided to adopt and take the cat to her forever home.

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