This Cute Doggie and Her Babies were Rescued by a Policeman from Trash Bin


Everyday we come across many stories about how the doggie are being saved and rescued by people. Today’s story is about how a policeman rescued this cute mom and her babies.

As the police officer was in his duties in the city, he noticed that the doggie mom was feeding the puppies near a trash bin. It was a very heavy scene to watch for the policeman.

He was so sad and disappointed after watching it. At the moment he could not do anything. All he could do was to call the emergency and the rescue team.

After a very short time, the rescue team came and took the mom and her babies to shelter. In shelter, they were provided with all the necessary treatment.

They were washed and were given food and water. They had lived most of their lives in the streets and in trash bean. And now the shelter seemed like a heaven for them, due to the kindness and care of the police officer.

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