The Dog was Bleeding and Was in Pain, But He was Rescued


We all know how bad and brutally the dogs are sometimes treated by people. However, there are some cases too, when the doggies are beaten by other doggis.

On a Wednesday morning, the shelter rescue team received a call, when  a man reported about a heavy dog fight near the city. The rescue team rushed there to find out what was going there. It was found out that two men organized a dog fight but it was not fair enough.

Two big dogs heavily beat a poor doggie who was heavily bleeding. The condition of the dog was very bad. He was not moving. He was all in blood and was crying helplessly. They immediately took the doggie to vet, where he had operation.

After three months, the dog was moved to shelter and lived a good life. After some time, a man came to shelter to adopt a doggie. He noticed this amazing doggo and decided to take him home.

He felt that especially this doggie needed the most of the help and care, that is why he took the doggie home, who went through the heavy dogfight.

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