After Losing His Doggie and His Best Friend the Man Got a Heart Attack


We all know about the pure and unconditional love between humans and animals, especially dogs. Our today’s story will leave you in tears.

James Adams, who was 80 years old, was living alone in his small apartment with his doggie. In the whole world he had only this loyal friend.

His wife died long before and he had no one close to him. He dedicated all his life to his doggo, who also passed away from a heavy disease.

As time passed, the man was feeling worse and he was moved to hospital. He was so alone and sad that he had a heart attack and soon passed away.

The doctors said, that the man was all the time talking about his beloved dog and how connected they were.

He was devastated by the death of his doggie and this caused deterioration of his condition. This is really sad, but we see that the bonding and people is very strong and pure.

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