After Being Abandoned the Dog was Could not Be Separated From His Teddy


The dogies are such amazing animals and have pure hearts. They sometime get attached to things which make their lives more beautiful and interesting.

The same was with this doggie. When the doggie was living with his previous family, the owner of the doggie gifted him with a beautiful teddy bear.

Wherever the dog was going, this cute teddy bear was with him. It was accompanying him everywhere. However, after some time, the doggie was abandoned and had nowhere to go.

The dog was feeling very down and abandoned. After some time, he was taken to shelter. And again the teddy bear was with him. The shelter employees were simply in love with the cuteness of the doggie and the way he was treating his beloved teddy.

It is really very beautiful and cute to see doggied being committed to the things they love most and do anything not to let them go. This doggie is a perfect example for this.

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