The Kind Ukrainian Woman Rescued and Adopted Disabled Dogs


The world is full of kind hearted and at the same time brave people. They are doing their best to somehow help those mostly in need.

We all know about the bloody war between Russia and Ukraine these days. The whole world is watching the war with the hope that it would soon end.

This Ukrainian woman was living in a town, which is completely destroyed now. The bombings affect not only people, but everyone literally. And the animals are not an exception.

A shelter broke down in the outcomes of bombs falling and a lot animals died. However, a group of dogs were saved by a brave woman, who did her best to rescue to doggies from bombing.

As a result of it, most of the dogs were disabled in different levels and could not walk. The brave woman moved them all to a safer place and now her main responsibility is to take care of all the doggos. She is so proud of what she is into now and the whole world proudly watches her.

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