George and Amal Clooney Adopted a Doggie who Was Starved To Death


Almost every day we come across interesting stories, when kind hearted people come to help the dogs are living in their worst life periods ever. This case is one of them.

This time, famous people came to rescue and adopt a dog, who was starved to death. The dog had been noticed near the restaurants in Los Angeles and immediately was taken to shelter.

George and Amal have really very big hearts and this time their mission was to help one of the doggies who mostly needed support and care.

They took the doggie home, called the vets to come and to examine the doggo. After that, they bought all the necessary things for the comfort of the dog.

It was very touching story, since in the life of the dog, these days were like heaven. He was being fed good, taken care of and most importantly they were giving pure love to the doggie.

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