Watch the Sad Doggie Holding the Plastic Bag of Her Own Puppies


The dogs are sometimes living in a harsh reality and can do nothing to change it. Their life is so tough and disappointing at some point.

Jack adams is a cyclist and one day he took a different road for training, so he could participated in a tournament. As he was cycling along the road to countryside, he found something very weird.

He heard some sounds and stopped his bicycle near a tree. He noticed a poor doggie laying down near a bag. The doggie seemed sad and devastated.

He approached the dog and decided to help the doggie. Suddenly, he saw that there were newborn puppies in the bag and the doggie was extremely sad not knowing what to do.

He immediately called emergency. The rescue team came and found out that the doggie was left by the owner because of the amount of puppies she had. However, all ended good for the puppy after she was taken to shelter with puppies.

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