The Poor Dog Spending All His Life in Streets Found a Forever Home


Street animals are one of the most vulnerable group. The difficulties they face is beyond imagination. Sometimes they find there is no chance for them to survive.

This dog Alex was all his life in the frozen street with nowhere to go.

No matter how much he suffered, he was very strong and was not going to give up. Because of his strong will power, one day a kind man passing by near the shop, where the doggie was spending his time.

He gave food and water to the dogo. After that, he loved the animal so much he decided to take him home. At first he had no intentions of adopting it. The children in the family fell in love with the doggie.

They made strong connection with it and asked their grandfather to adopt the doggie for them. After that day, the dog was in a safe place and spent his life in the warm house.

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