The Rescuers Found the Mother and her Babies and Saved them


These beautiful doggies are the happiness of the shelter. They are always in the center of attention of everyone without making any effort for it.

A kind woman noticed the doggies tied in the middle of a street with no food and water. It was very hard for her to witness that moment. She immediately made a call to the rescue team.

As they arrived, the doggies were already completely exhausted. The lack of food and water made them feel wea. As they were taken to shelter, they underwent to all the necessary treatment.

The doctors examined them and said, that everything would be great with the doggies and that very soon their health condition will improve.

After going through this much difficulties, the doggie and her children were supporting each other by showing love and affection towards each other.

They were hugging and kissing, pouring love for them, which was a sign that their connection and power beyond measure.

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