The Cute Kitten Found a Good Family and Fell in Love with a Blanket she Takes Everywhere with Her


The life of animals are sometimes hard and they need care and support from people to feel more comfortable and safe in their own skin.

This little cutie was adopted from a shelter. The cat had three more siblings. However, their health condition was not good enough and they did not get the chance of having a good and comfortable place of living.

Jannie, who was animal lover was looking for some cute kitten to keep at home along with other pets. She immediately fell in love with this cutie and decided to take her home.

One thing was very beautiful about the kitten, that she fell in love with a comfy blanket. As Jannie used so say they would take it with them wherever they were going, so that the kitten would feel comfortable herself.

She also confesses, that never in her life she was this much caring and loving with cat, regardless the fact that she had other animals at home too.

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