The Cat Found on a Boat Became a Full Member of the Family


Daniel Johnson has been a sailor for the most of his life. The majority of his life was spent on boat and in the ocean, however he confesses, that he really enjoys what is his calling.

On one beautiful weekend he was again on the boat taking the tourist to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. As he brought the people back to the shore he decided to clean the boat and see if everything was good.

While he was cleaning the boat, he listened some sounds from the back side. As he approached he noticed a small kitten trapped in the backseats of the boats.

Daniel was overwhelmed, surprised and excited at the same time. He felt so much love for the little kitten and immediately decided to it with him home.

At that time, the kitten was so, so much small, he could hardly hold it into his hand. He was so grateful for this wonderful gift of a lifetime. He was happy to have a new family member.

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