This Cute Doggie is a Complete Love: Everyone Loves Him


There are certain types of doggies, who make people love them without making an effort. However, in this case, the doggie exactly know what he is doing.

The doggie Alex has been living in a shelter for more than five months. He is considered a unique and different doggo. He is always noticed in shelter smiling to everyone.

The workers confess, that everytime they see this doggo their whole day changes and they also infect others by the smile of cute animal.

However, up till now the doggo has not been considered for adoption and it is not a problem, since he is the happiness of the shelter and no one wants to lose him.

The doggo himself feels very lovely and really enjoys for his role of bringing joy and moments of happiness to others, since it is crucial for everyone to feel loved and appreciated even somewhere, which is considered their temporary place of living.

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