The Kind Woman Did Her Best to Save the Homeless Doggie


There are people in the world, that are very compassionate and only want the best for everyone around them and seeing someone suffer makes  their hearts go down.

This cute doggie has been homeless for the majority of his life and had lived in the streets most of the time. All his life was in dirt and dust and he could not imagine that other places also exist on Earth.

The doggie would spend most of its time near a chocolate shop. The owners of the shop was a kind woman and was always following the doggo.

One day she realized that the doggie was feeling extremely bad. She immediately made an emergency call to shelter. As the rescuers came, doggie seemed to be stopping the breath.

However, as time passed, it was possible to bring the doggie to life. The saviour of the dog was relieved realizing that she gifted life to the doggo.


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