Meet the Smallest Dog in the World


When you think that you have seen all the most weird and interesting dogs in the world, you probably have not. There are so much more to discover and meet.

So, today we are pleased to introduce to you the tiniest dog in the whole world. This doggie is so small, he weights almost 800 grams.

The owners were worried about its weight and thought it might have disease, however, everything is just perfect with the doggo. He belongs to the tiniest group of doggies in the world.

The owners are very careful and attentive with the doggo, because they do not want to hurt or make him feel uncomfortable. Once, the little child of the family thought the doggo was a toy and wanted to play with him.

The owner sometimes joke and say that the doggo weights exactly like one apple. The doggo is very calm and very friendly to everyone in the family.

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