This Unwanted Doggie Only Wanted Human Touch


We all know, how much the doggos want to be loved and cared after. Especially the dogs, who were alone all their lives or were in the street with the hope of getting adopted and taken home.

This little cutie had spent the majority of his life outside and had nowhere to go. He had been noticed in the streets so many time wandering and searching for food.

When he was taken to shelter, he could not imagine, that very soon, he would have new owners and his life would completely change.

In his new house, the dog only wanted to be touched and cared for. When he got in the bathroom for the first time after so many years, he realized he was the luckiest ever doggo.

The owners were so caring and loving to the doggo. He had everything. But most importantly, he had love and care, which matter the most for the doggie.

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