The Couple United with the Dog after a Heavy Car Accident


Jack and Angie are a beautiful couple who enjoy spending their time in nature with beautiful surroundings and they usually take their doggie with them wherever they go.

On a Saturday morning they headed for countryside for camping. The wonderful dog Alex was in the car with them and was enjoying the beautiful scenes of the road trip.

On the road, as they were driving, a big truck hit them heavily and their car smashed right in the place.

The couple survived, however, the doggo had serious injuries.

He was taken to the hospital for some surgeries and stayed there for more than three months. For this period, the owners did not see him.

After this time, the doctors decided to make a surprise for the family and took him to home. As the couple saw the daggie, they were in tears, hugging and kissing the doggo. They still could not believe, that the cutie was alive and with them.

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