The Dog is Having an Amazing Birthday Party with the Friends


Dogs having a house to live in and a family to look after them are one of the luckiest animals in the world. They have people around them who do their best for the comfort of their pets.

Doggie Alex, who is celebrating his first birthday, is among those luckies doggies to have a good family. His owner, who is truly excited about the first of the doggie organized an amazing birthday party for the dog.

She organized some amazing games for the doggie and a lot of other doggie friends came to join it and celebrate the special day for the doggie.

As the owner of the doggie is an animals lover, she invited some other pets too to the birthday for Alex not to feel alone and enjoy his time fully.

The owner of the dog was so in love with other pets too, she brought everyone special meals and other snacks too. As we can see from the photos the animals are having a perfect time together.

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