The Dog Gets Finally Adopted by Flight Attendant after So Many Years


The life of dogs can sometimes be very harsh and it takes a lifetime for them to change and start a new life. One of the most important things for the dogs is finding a good and true human friend.

And when a dog chooses a good human soulmate, things get more difficult and heavy. The reason to this that dog is looking for a true and loyal friend too, with whom he can go the extra mile and even more.

This heartwarming story will have its footprints in your heart.  A woman, who often had business trips to Los Angeles always stayed in the same hotel, where a dog was always seen near the entrance.

She used to give some sweets and snacks to the dog and they had a kind of a connection. As the time was passing by, the woman thought of taking the dog and adopting him.

Upon her next arrival to the hotel, the flight attendant adopted the dog and took him to the Kansas to her forever home.

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