The Rescued Goat Thinks the Dog is His Father


We often witness how animals find and stick together for the rest of their live. It is because of the fact, that this love pure and unconditional.

This goat was rescued by shelter from very harsh living conditions. The shelter workers wanted the best for him to happen, so they offered him to one of the best families they know for many years.

Apparently, this family had other pets too, they loved them too, and wanted to enlarge the pet family. So the shelter made the right decision.

In the pet family, the baby goat loved the golden retriever the most. They got so connected and bonded to each other and shared pure moments of love and friendship.

However, for the baby goat, the golden retriever was more than a friend. He acted, as if the dog gie was his father and was very happy and satisfied by this fact and we could see also, that the doggo did not mind it too.

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