This Rescued Puma Cannot Be Returned to the Wild and is Forced to Live under Home Conditions


There are some animal stories, which make us questions this world and some other issues too. The story of this puma will leave you in so many questions.

An american couple took this wild puma from the zoo and wanted to pet him under house conditions. There was another problem related to the puma.

The puma was rescued and it could not be taken back to the zoo. However, the family which adopted the puma, did not consider this fact.

The did not know how to properly treat and keep the puma. It is a wild animal and it is very difficult for the animal to be kept under house conditions.

The puma would just go round the house and spoil everything. It is really hard for the wild animals to live under home conditions. They are used to only wild and free conditions.

All animal and pet keepers should be aware of this very important fact and learn a lot about the wild animals before bringing them into the houses.

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