The Majestic Capture of the Leopard and Panther Couple


The wildlife is so much full of amazing moments and images, which need to be captured right in place and on time. The perfect timing and capturing worked in the case of this photographer.

A wildlife photographer took rare footage of the female leopard, who was shadowed by her black panther. It was a majestic and very powerful moment.

As the wildlife photographer told in the interview, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness such powerful and majestic moment. He said, that never before he had witnessed such incredible moment in his entire life.

He said, that he camped in the wild forests of India and waited for more than six days to capture the couple. They do not stay in one place and it took real courage and confidence from the photographer to take the rare photo.

As it was later reported, the capture of the majestic couple went so viral in the internet, he immediately became famous and people would demand similar captures more often.

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