The Little Dog is Completely In Love with the Husband of his Owners


A little bit of strange but true. This little dog is completely in love with husband of his owners’ family.

It is completely obvious by the behaviour of the little dog, who follows the husband everywhere he goes.

The dog is obviously in love with the man. The dog has so much love in his heart and so much more to give to other people. It is a completely love giver dog.

The dog follows the Jack to the bedroom, to the bathroom and imitates Jack does. The dog even goes and sleeps next to Jack in his own bedroom.

All this could be so heartwarming and heart-touching, however, it can also make the wife of Jack jealous of what is going on in the house everytime.

However, there is no other option for this family. They just have to get used to the presence of the dog and accept all the weird and crazy things he does to the husband of his owner’s.

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