The Dog which Cannot Walk Makes Friend with the Pigeon who Can’t Fly


As the dogs are the animals with the biggest and purest hearts, it is very cute to watch them making friends with other animals very easily and simply.

They constantly show us, the humans and other animals too how good and important it is to make friends with other animals too so that they could not feel themselves alone and lonely.

They also show, that friendship and unconditional love have no boundaries and that anything is possible, where the love is the first thing to put.

The Jordan family adopted a dog two years ago, who could not walk. As the years passed, a pigeon used to come and sit near the window of the house, where the dog was kept.

So, after very short period of time, they became very close friends and could not imagine their lives without each other. The family is putting special food for the pigeon. And when the pigeon comes, it comes right next to the god and they enjoy their meal together.

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