The Cat Owners Took Him Back to Shelter, Because he Wanted to be Hugged


Pets, especially cats, adore being hugged, touched and why not kissed. They are the type of the animals, who always want to be in the center of attention.

This huge kitten was the same and any kind of lack of attention would drive him crazy. The owners, who were already elderly people, could not give the cate relevant love and care.

So they decided, that it would be good, if they took the cat to shelter, so he could get the love and care he desired. Being in the shelter again made the cat look shiny and bright.

All the shelter workers were crazy about this huge cat, who stole the hearts of everyone. He would go and sit near people and ask for care and love. No, he would not annoy anyone. All he wanted was care and love.

It is really amazing to see how animals explain through their language what they need from people.

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