The Abandoned and Hungry Dog was Spotted on a Sofa


The life of dogs can sometimes be tough and very difficult, especially when they are abandoned and left alone.

This story is about a puppy was spotted on a sofa in the middle of nowhere. The Johnson family had financial issues and they had to sell their house.

Apart from the house, there was another problem related to the puppy. As the new owners of the house came, they demanded to throw away all the old furniture.

The owners of the house did so. During the process of throwing all the old stuff, the dog was following them all. After a while, the dog reached the huge trash and sat on a sofa.

It was reported, that the dog had not eaten anything, because of the fear, that the new owners of the house would harm or hurt him. However, days passed and did not make a move to go and find food for him.

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