This Cute Black Dog Spent 6 Years in Dirt and No One Wants to Adopt Him


Usually, the lives of dogs can be very brutal and sad. They go through so many hardships and difficulties, when they do not have their own home and have to be in the streets all the time.

The same goes with this cute black dog. He has spent the majority of his life in the streets, under water bridges and he has not seen a proper living place.

As he moves a bit closer to the city, he finds it very uncomfortable and not easy to live in city conditions. Even the shelter life does not do any good for him.

As a shelter worker notices him outside and decides to take him to shelter, he firstly resists it. After some time however, the dog was feeling somehow good about living in shelter.

In the shelter, when families were coming to shelter they seemed not to notice this little black doggie. We do hope that in the near future this cute doggie will be adopted.

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