This Heroic Dog Saved a Cat from Fire


Animals can be good friends and have a strong sense of intuition towards each other, when it comes to dangerous and intriguing moments in their lives.

The dogs are considered very intelligent and they become more caring, when they sense that something bad will happen. On Monday morning, it was reported, that a fire broke on the fourth block of house in Los Angeles. It was a big house and the family had some pets.

They had dog and a cat. When the fire broke, the dog managed to run from the house, but it was also difficult for him to move.

No matter to what situation, the dog saw a cat near the house, which could not be moving.

He tried his best to save the cat. He threw himself to cat, grabbed her by the neck and they went from the house.  It was such an emotional moment for the family to see the heroic act of the dog.

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