This Army Veteran Impatiently Waits the Reunion with the Dog


Dogs and human have a very deep kind of connection and bonding. It is especially deeper, when the two were together from a very young age.

In case of this two, the connection was so deep the dog used to cry when he was not home. There came a moment in their lives, when the owner of the dog went to army.

While being away from home, the dog used to sniff the clothes of his owner, thus trying to bring the memories back.

As the time passed and Jack would already come back, he did not know how to behave when he would meet the doggie. He had the sad feeling in his heart, that the dog would not know him.

Impatiently waiting for the moment, the dog seeing him started barking heavily and he also had tears on his eyes. Jack could not even believe, that all this time the dog kept him in his heart and did not forget him.

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