The Neglected Dog Was Desperately Looking For Someone To Save Him


Animals and especially dog, who have big hearts usually are in a desperate need of love and care. It is believed, that whoever has a big heart he gives and received the most of the love.

This black little doggie has lived the majority of his life outside in the streets. He was seen in different spots in the streets wandering and begging for food.

Wherever he was going, everyone was rejecting to give him some food and water. A strong sense of sadness and disappointment could be seen on his face.

However, there are also good and kind hearted people in the world, who are ready to give love and compassion to the dogs.

After a while, a man who was working in a near-by shop called the shelter emergency and asked them to come and take the dog. The dog was placed in the shelter, until one day he got adopted by a good family.

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