The Kid Went Missing Until a Dog Found Him


As we all know, the dogs are  very intelligent and they can help people very easily.

On Saturday afternoon a nine-year-old boy went mission for more than five hours. The parents of the boy were very anxious and did not know what to do.

They called the police and told them when he left house. In less than ten minutes, the police went on an operation to find the boy.  After many attempts, they again failed to find the boy.

However, the policemen had also a this smart and intelligent dog, who tried his best in finding the dog. The policemen and the dog went deeper into the woods to find the boy.

After two hours of search they came back with boy. He was scared and in tears to see his parents and the parents were also thankful to the police dog for saving their kid.  Policemen all over the world should have this kind of dogs by their sides.

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