The Amazing Moment of the Father Swan Protecting the Babies


It is believed that in the kingdom of animals, mothers are more protective and vulnerable to their babies, than the fathers. However, it is not like that.

Both parents take equal responsibility to protect their children and it is beyond doubt, that both parents love and care for their children equally.

This case goes also with this wonderful swan father, who was noticed in the small lake protecting and holding tight his baby swans.

The people living nearby tell, that the mother swan of the family passed away, though it was a hard and difficult period in the life of this beautiful family. However, the father took the whole responsibility for their children.

He was seen how carefully and protective instinct the father was behaving with the «kids».  There were six swans on the back of the swan and he did not feel tired or complaining about it. This is what unconditional love and caring should look like.

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