The Adopted Dog Passed Miles to Meet Her Owner


Dogs are considered the most loyal and true friend to human being. They are very intuitive and sensitive especially in cases, when it comes danger and other bothering situations.

The owner of this wonderful dog, Jannie was working in hospital, as a psychotherapist and from here you can imagine that her job is very difficult and time consuming.

Jannie is animal lover too and two years ago she adopted this wonderful doggie as her friend, since she was living alone. Along the time, they got so connected and attached to each other, the could not imagine their lives apart.

One day, Jannie was in a very special mission in hospital with a very severe client and could not make it to return home.  The dog feeling the absence of his owner decided to go after her

The dog traveled miles from home to hospital to find her. It was a very difficult road. Seeing the dog in front of the hospital made Jannie excited and she broke in tears.

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