This High School Student Became the «Mom» who needed Friendship


This high school student had no idea, that one day she would had a friend, who would completely change her life. She had no idea, that she would adopt a lonely baby donkey.

One day, after college she got a call from a friend, who was living in a horse ranch. She invited her for a ride.

While out in a ride, they noticed a lonely donkey running back and forth.

The donkey was so helpless and lonely, they could not see him in that way. He needed help and urgent care. So the girls decided to take the donkey to vet.

After getting the relevant medication and treatment at the vets, the college girl took the donkey to her home and adopted it.

It was a very happy and interesting day for the girl, since on that day she got the donkey into her life her best friend ever.

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