The Sweet Moment When the Doggie Met His New Friend


The friendship between the animals is one of the most enjoyable and beautiful things ever.  They get more excited and happy when there are some other animals around to accompany them.

This golden retriever was alone all his lifetime, until his owner decided to bring him a new friend, so he could get the most of his time.

On a Sunday morning, the owner of the dog brought a big box to the house. Everybody was interested of what was inside. But the most interested one was the dog indeed.

The dog started sniffing the box trying to understand what could be inside. He had no idea until the box was opened and a cutie kitten got out of the box.

The dog was excited and happy to see this beautiful kitten inside the box, he started barking and going round the kitten, playing and cuddling with the cat.  It was one of the most memorable days in the dog’s life.

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