The Old Woman was Afraid of Dogs Until this One Saved Her Life


It is very common, when people have fear of animals, especially the ones, who may bite or make them afraid. It is usually because they had some bad experience with them.

On the other hand, we consider the dogs as our loyal and devoted friends. They are always by our side, when we most need it and show us, what true love and devotion means.

This story is about an elderly women who was scared of the dogs, but was saved by a huge dog. She lived on the fifth floor and was always afraid to go down, since she was afraid that the dog would bite her.

She had a problem with walking and one day she fell the stair and broke her leg. At the moment, the dog was near the lady and started barking hardly.

By his sounds, people started to gather near them and called an ambulance. After that incident, the woman started loving a lot and was so grateful.

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