They Were Warned Not to Adopt, But Finally Adopted the Sad Doggo


James and Janie were married for three months already and Janie was crazy in love with dogs and asked her beloved one to adopt doggie.  She was way too excited.

At first when they reached the shelter, she was so excited to see so much dogs running back and forth to welcome and greet them. She had even previously watched online to see how her future dog would look like.

Then suddenly a dog with a sad look in his eyes approached Jannie and stole her heart. He was looking with such a kind and begging eyes at them, that melted her heart.

The dog was taken to the shelter from the city center of Los Angeles and lived in shelter for a long time there already. He had some skin problems, but still was so cute and kind.

In the new family, the doggo was feeling at peace and in comfort, since only in the house he realized how loved and lucky he was.

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