The Dog Did not Want to Leave the Elephant at His Last Hours


The animals kingdom is the place, where friendship and pure love has the most beautiful and unconditional form of expression.

There are some species of animals, which do not get along together quite well, however, some of the make the most beautiful bonding together.

The friendship and bonding between the dog and the elephant was something that, the surrounding people will remember for a long time.

On a beautiful day, the shelter employees decided to take the shelter dogs to a outdoor activities in the wild, where they could enjoy their time. At the same time there was an elephant, who had serious health problems.

One of the dogs ran to the elephant and laid next to him. He could feel the pain of the elephant and did not want to leave him.

As the other dogs were seen runnin around the forest ad playin, this dog was sticking to the elephant and did not go anywhere. He was kind of healing the elephant.

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